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Hypnotism: What It Is and What to Anticipate

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Hypnotism: Have you ever wondered what it’s like when someone like me puts you into a trance, using a swaying pocket watch and then guiding you to act like a dog?

Well, that’s not quite the whole story. While that might be a common image associated with stage hypnotists, the world of clinical hypnosis, where I work, offers a different perspective. In clinical hypnosis, it’s all about experiencing a state of focused relaxation, wherein you become more receptive to my suggestions.

As a trained hypnotist, I help individuals like you enter this tranquil state to aid in psychotherapy, alleviate stress and pain, break free from unhealthy habits, and even expedite recovery from various illnesses and injuries. It’s a fascinating realm where the power of suggestion takes center stage.

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About A Full Session 

All sessions are different but the client is always the most important person in my realm during the session. The focus is on you and how to improve your life.

What My Patients Say

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What I Offer

Diminish Chronic Pain

Chronic illness causes prolonged pain. We can work together to improve your quality of life. Don’t give up hope. Visit us and see the difference. No fees if you don’t see improvement.

Quit Smoking

On a scale of one to ten if your desire to quit is eight or higher you are a good candidate to rid yourself of that habit forever. Schedule an introductory session. I look forward to working with you!

General Hypnosis

I believe the secret to being the very best is to specialize. While I can remove phobias, and do other things that other hypnotists do, I spend almost all of my time and effort lessening physical pain.