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When you are my client I promise to treat you as the important person that you are.  I will not  disregard you or your pain.  You will always be safe and comfortable during visits.

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An overview with pricing

Payment is required during session scheduling.  Credit cards are  accepted as are checks and cash.  Sorry, but insurance does not cover my service.

Our Guarantee!

In at anytime you are not satisfied with my service or that you do not see improvement all money paid is returned in full.

About your hypnotist

Bill Fournier

My work experience includes over 48 years as a computer software developer.  You may find that I am a ‘left-brain’ logical person who also possesses a broad and deep understanding of strategies and techniques to improve the quality  of your life.


I do not diagnose, prescribe or treat specific medical problems.  My work diminishes the chronic pain caused by it.   I prefer to work with your primary care provider’s approval and in some cases I require that approval first.  We will determine that during your first visit.

What is hypnosis like?
  • You are in a hypnotic trance several times daily and don’t recognize it.   Ever drive to work only to realize that you don’t remember parts of the trip?  We all do and that is hypnosis.   Some people get so relaxed and refreshed during a session that they love it just for that wonderful feeling.
  • During hypnosis you will hear everything I say and will be able to accept or reject my suggestions.
  • This will be your trance, I only guide you.
  • Hypnosis isn’t something that I do to you, it is something that we do together.  I will explain more  during the first session.  What we will do is far, far distant from “stage hypnosis”, and much more relaxing.
You will simply be amazed at how well you feel at the end of our first hypnosis session.
Ask me about the “Old Pain 2 Go” technique? 

Hypnosis Session

 In majority of cases there will be a thirty minute informational visit.  The first one can be later that day or another day.

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