MMHA Certified hypnotist

How do you know if a hypnotist is highly-trained and capable of assisting you?

Being a MMHA Certified hypnotist is one of my proudest certifications. To earn this, I was trained by Mike Mandel Hypnosis in Toronto.

Later, I passed twenty-four quizzes and a final exam to Prove my mastery of the material.

  • It wasn’t easy and I am proud to have attained this.
  • You can be certain that I am well-trained.

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Hypnotherapy Training 

Hypnotism: that’s when a mysterious gentleman puts you in a trance by dangling a watch on a chain and then makes you bark like a dog, right?

Not exactly. That might describe the stereotypical shtick of a stage hypnotist, but the healing discipline of hypnotherapy is better described as a state of focused relaxation in which a person is more responsive to suggestion.

Medical and mental health practitioners with hypnotherapy training help patients enter this relaxed state in order to assist with psychotherapy, promote stress or pain relief, change unhealthy habits, and reduce recovery time for illnesses and injuries.


A wide variety of clinical professionals seek out training in hypnotherapy, from doctors, nurses and dentists to psychotherapists, social workers, and counselors. During a hypnotherapy session, practitioners go over a patient’s medical history, the issue they’d like to address, and, if the patient is new to the procedure, how hypnosis works. Generally, sessions last about an hour, and begin with a series of relaxation techniques. After the patient is relaxed and focused, the practitioner introduces guided imagery and suggestion designed to provide symptom relief and even behavioral changes.

Some practitioners have their own private practices, while others use hypnotherapy in their already existing acupuncture massage therapy , psychotherapy or holistic nursing careers.