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“I have had chronic knee and back pain for years. I also had wrist pain. I had one session with Bill, and my pain went down to zero on all three of those problem areas.
I no longer need opiates and muscle relaxers. I don’t even take any ibuprofen.,It’s unreal. Bill is great, highly recommended be me! Bill did in one day what the best Medical ,clinic in the world couldn’t do for me yet.

Thanks so much again. I maybe take a couple ibuprofen every couple days., But, it’s not me waiting and watching the clock getting ready to pop another one of those hard pills every 4-6 hours. My doctors have been blown away. ”

Happy Client

Remarkable! Bill is a gifted hypnotist facilitating professional guided methods of self-help for all of us.

I was severely broken with three decades of debilitating back injuries and spine surgeries.

Before working with Bill
I was on a decade long supervised pain management program that included both hydrocodone and morphine. Even though the dosages were at the top end, I remained in severe pain which affected most all aspects of my life.

I couldn’t sleep
Thirteen years of Sleep specialists and a sundry of Rx prescriptions.

Bills performed a comprehensive intake leaving no stone unturned

After the first session
I was free from the majority of my familiar pain, especially in and around my core maladies.

I am now off all prescription pain-killers!

With Bills help, I no longer need sleep medications
I fall asleep faster, have sounder sleep and awake fully rested.

My doctor was astonished that my blood pressure remains notably lower without the use of my former course of prescribed beta blockers.

In sessions that followed Bill instructed me in several effective techniques of self-hypnosis, relaxation, panic attack relief and a path of self-help.

Now, I am able to summon from deeper within.

My confidence level is in the stratosphere!

Bill’s unconditional guarantee is absolute.

Bill is the first and only caregiver that has ever offered “it works or it’s free” to me or anyone I know.

Utilizing self-hypnosis skills
My enlightenment, understanding, and awareness are empowering beyond measure!

Kelly G.My enlightenment, understanding, and awareness are empowering beyond measure!

I met with Bill for one hour on September 7, 2018 to have a hypnotic session to quit smoking. I left his office and haven’t touched a cigarette since. I can’t express my gratitude of being able to be free of the noose around my neck I couldn’t shake. Over 33 years of being a smoker, I’ve tried Chantix, Wellbutrin, Gum, cold turkey, even had an RX for the patch. All to go right back to smoking. This time is different. The thought of smoking is foreign now and something I just DON’T DO.

What have I gained? My health. My TIME back! Money. Social occasions where I’m not having to go outside only to come back smelling bad. The way I see and feel about myself has changed. I’m positive, happier and stronger.

Thanks aren’t enough, Bill. You have improved the quality of my life more than a mere letter of thanks can portray. I highly recommend you to peers/friends/family, even strangers. The struggle is real, you’ve just made it EASY to quit.


Happy Client...!!
Immediately upon meeting him I sensed a deep intelligence in Bill. As I spent more time with him I learned he is also a sensitive intuitive. Bill is genuinely invested in helping others in their healing journey.
He is relentless in his pursuit of improving his skills, focused on learning new ways to assist his clients in rapidly reaching their goals. This makes him very effective as he is able to customize his approach and achieve amazing results.
Diana Ikola

Simply Amazing! I would encourage anyone with chronic pain to give Bill a call…:)

Saige Rose

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