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It has been over forty years since my first training in self-hypnosis and since that time I have been hooked on the power of the mind. My passion is enabling people to improve the quality of their lives, their mobility and comfort levels.


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Bill Fournier

It has been over forty years since my first training in self-hypnosis and since that time I have been hooked on the power of the mind.   My passion is enabling people to improve  the quality of their lives, their mobility and comfort levels.

I am a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists as a consulting hypnotist. I was first trained at the NW Hypnosis Institute, by Bruce Terrill. Later, I was trained by Ron Eslinger at the Chronic Pain Management training in Tennessee.

My work experience includes over 48 years as a computer software developer. You may find that I am a ‘left-brain’ logical person who also possesses a broad and deep understanding of strategies and techniques to improve the quality of your life.

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Education and Training of Hypnotherapists

Throughout the United States, hypnosis career training programs must be approved or licensed by the appropriate agency of that state. For example, the latest major update in the law in California was Assembly Bill 48 that went into effect in California in 2010, required that training schools for hypnotists in nondegree programs be licensed by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE). One intent of this legislation is to protect the integrity of diplomas conferred by privately-supported educational institutions. Hypnotherapy schools in California are required to be licensed by this agency.

To gain BPPE approval, the schools must meet specific standards for their classes, instructors and informational materials, and they must follow prescribed standards for rules, facilities, record keeping, and insurance.

The primary organization that has been responsible for the recognition and regulation of hypnotherapy training in the USA is the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (A.C.H.E.). This organization is a non-profit state-chartered, non-profit professional corporation that has established standards for specialized education and maintains standards of practice and a code of ethics. In addition, A.C.H.E. provides examination for hypnotherapists who have met the qualifications for specialized education, training, and experience. Successful completion of the examination leads to certification as a hypnotherapist.

For examination and certification by A.C.H.E., a Hypnotherapist must be trained in a school approved by the A.C.H.E. The A.C.H.E. only approves schools that have programs of at least 200 hours of classroom training in hypnotherapy.

Certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist requires not less than 300 hours of classroom training and is the highest level of certification awarded.

Graduates of approved schools receive diplomas in hypnotherapy and, if they provide hypnotherapy services to the general public, are considered to be professional hypnotherapists. Hypnotherapists may practice hypnotherapy throughout the USA and are restricted by the Medical Practices Act and the Psychology Licensing Act of the states in which they practice.

Many healing arts and counseling professionals receive their hypnotherapy training at the A.C.H.E.-approved schools.

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Immediately upon meeting him I sensed a deep intelligence in Bill. As I spent more time with him I learned he is also a sensitive intuitive. Bill is genuinely invested in helping others in their healing journey. He is relentless in his pursuit of improving his skills, focused on learning new ways to assist his clients in rapidly reaching their goals. This makes him very effective as he is able to customize his approach and achieve amazing results.

Diana Ikola